The Overlooked Benefits of the Orange

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Often when we think of oranges, the first thing that comes to mind is a tasty snack. Or if you dislike oranges then the first thing that comes to mind is disgust. I’m sure you get the point though, that either way people don’t ever think about the unique benefits of oranges first.

More specifically I’m talking about the benefits that come from the orange in its essential oil form. And thankfully orange essential oils are fairly easy to add to your day to day life in order to receive these benefits. One popular way is to purchase soaps or other similar products with the essential oils already added.

Health Benefits

First we’re going to be looking at a few of the health benefits that orange essential oils could provide you, because there are quite a few of them. These benefits cross many different areas of the human body, and can even help with mental health as well in some cases.

  • Our first benefit will be that the aroma is known to improve your mood, and reduce stress. So if you’re a high stress person and you need to relax often, incorporating orange essential oils into your day could be extremely beneficial.
  • Both the smell of orange essential oils and its being absorbed into the skin have been linked to short-term pain relief in various places throughout the body. It’s especially effective if mixed with ginger.
  • Skincare is yet another area in which orange-based essential oils can prove helpful. It has been used multiple times to treat a variety of skin disorders, most commonly acne. So if you’re an acne sufferer, it could be worth looking into.
  • One of the biggest potential health benefits, although more studies need to be done on the topic, is that orange essential oils are thought to have anti-cancer properties that may prevent cancer cells from growing and even kill pre-existing ones.

Other Benefits

Physical and mental health benefits aren’t the only ones that can be obtained through orange-based essential oils though. There are also some more miscellaneous benefits as well that we’ll be discussing in this section.

  • Essential oils from oranges can be useful in house cleaning scenarios. And not just as an additive, some people even use orange-based essential oils as a cleaner in of itself.
  • But if you do choose to use these essential oils as an additive to house cleaners then they can be useful for making the smell from these cleaners more pleasant and less harsh. You can even add the oils to perfumes that you want to adjust the smell of.
  • And of course, if you do like the taste of orange then adding the essential oils to your food or drinks for a citrusy taste is always an option. This part really just depends on personal preference.
  • Hopefully this article has convinced you that orange-based essential oils have many benefits and you’ll consider adding them into your lifestyle if you haven’t before. Because there are many different and unique ways to do this, as essential oils are easy to add into most things.

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