5 Natural Skincare Habits You Should Adopt To Achieve Glowing Skin

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As the saying goes, “beauty is skin deep”, and with that comes the responsibility of taking good care of our skin. It is an essential part of our health and wellbeing and is a reflection of our overall health. While there are a lot of skincare products available in the market, the best way to keep your skin healthy is to adopt natural skincare habits. Here are five natural skincare habits that you should adopt to achieve glowing skin. From the basics like cleansing your skin regularly and drinking plenty of water to more advanced practices like exfoliating and using natural oils, these habits will help you sustain a healthy, radiant complexion. Incorporating these habits into your daily routine will give you beautiful and glowing skin that is free from any harmful synthetic ingredients.

Cleansing your skin regularly

Cleansing your skin regularly may sound like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised to know that many people skip this step. Cleansing your skin regularly is a must if you want to keep it in good health. What is cleansing? Cleansing is the process of removing the dirt, oil, and impurities from your skin. Therefore, it is important to understand that while cleansers are formulated to remove dirt and oil, they should not be used as a replacement for water. So, how often should you cleanse your skin? According to a article in the British Medical Journal, cleansing your skin twice a day (both in the morning and before bedtime) is the best method to employ.

Drinking plenty of water

Drinking water is one of the most basic habits that any person can adopt for better health. But, have you ever wondered why it is so important to drink water? Drinking water cleanses your body of toxins and impurities because water is mostly made up of hydrogen and oxygen. If you consume too less water, your body starts getting toxins from other sources such as food and beverages. A dehydrated body is not only unhealthy but also lacks the glow and radiance that comes with a healthy complexion. So, what is recommended amount of water every day? According to different dietary guidelines, a healthy individual should consume at least eight glasses of water every day to stay hydrated and flush toxins from the body.

Exfoliating regularly

Exfoliating your skin regularly helps in getting rid of dead skin cells, impurities, and excess oil build-up on the skin. It also helps in lightening dark spots and skin discolouration and increases skin elasticity. You should exfoliate your skin twice a week (once in the morning and once at night) to get the best results. Exfoliating your skin regularly can be done with different products like scrubs, gels, or polishes. There are many products in the market that claim to be natural and effective, but they are really synthetic and not recommended for your skin.

Eating healthy foods

Eating a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals is a must if you want to stay healthy and have a glowing skin. While it is important to consume healthy foods, it is equally important to consume them in the right amount. If you consume too less food, your body starts getting insufficient energy and nutrients to function optimally. On the other hand, if you eat too much food, your diet is not only unbalanced but also increases your skin’s pores, which is not a good thing. A good diet for glowing skin consists of fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods, and protein-rich foods.

Using natural oils

Natural oils are extracted from plants and are used for centuries to nourish and hydrate the skin. In today’s busy and fast-paced lifestyle, many people forget to moisturize their skin. Proper moisturizing is an essential part of your skincare regime. Lack of moisturizing leads to a harsher climate in your skin and makes it more prone to acne and blemishes. Natural oils are non-comedogenic and do not cause breakouts because they are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. They nourish your skin and help in restoring its natural elasticity. You can use oils like almond, sesame, and sunflower oils to keep your skin hydrated and supple.

Herbal remedies

In addition to adopting natural skincare habits, you can incorporate herbal remedies to get rid of skin issues. Herbal remedies are really effective in treating skin issues like acne, hyperpigmentation, and dullness. They are rich in anti-oxidants, which help in fighting free radicals and harmful molecules in the skin. You can use various herbal remedies to treat your skin issues. Some of the commonly used herbal remedies are turmeric, aloe vera, fenugreek, cinnamon, and Chamomile. You can also make your own herbal remedies at home.


No matter what skincare products you use, if you don’t practice the best skincare habits, you won’t see any benefits. So, ensure that you cleanse your skin regularly, drink plenty of water, exfoliate your skin, and moisturize it regularly. Apart from that, adopt natural skincare habits like the ones mentioned above, and you are good to go. Natural skincare products are an excellent alternative to synthetic skincare products. They don’t contain harmful chemicals, they are cheaper and are more environment-friendly. If you want to keep your skin healthy, radiant and beautiful, you should adopt the five natural skincare habits mentioned above.

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